custom hiking boots

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Custom Made Hiking Boots

 Looking for the best custom molded hiking boots and shoes?

My well-proven mail-order Fit Kit is always available. Watch the videos at the bottom of the Request a Fit Kit page to see how easy it is to measure your feet!


Leahy Boots has been featured on the INSP channel show Handcrafted America (watch below). Click here for more info.

custom hiking boots

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I offer custom boots from molds and pressure prints of your feet. Your casts are 3D laser scanned and sent to Germany to have wooden lasts (foot forms) carved by computer to the scans of your feet. Then I hand make your boots using traditional European techniques around your custom computer-generated lasts. Inquire first before ordering a fit kit; not all feet are appropriate for mail order fitting.  A Fit Kit can be ordered here.


Whether you have flat feet, high arches, bunions, different sized feet, exceptionally narrow heels, or simply want a superbly fitted pair of bespoke hiking boots handcrafted for you, this is the right place!

custom hiking boots

What I Have to Offer You


After developing your lasts, I do a fitting with a fitting boot and your actual arch supports. Very few custom hiking boot makers offer this critical extra step!


I have 40 years experience in making custom hiking boots with extensive training in anatomy, gait analysis, and kinesiology. My vita includes eight years of training with German and Austrian bootmakers. There is an intimate connection with a handcraft tradition that goes back hundreds of years, using techniques refined by thousands of bootmakers over the centuries and patiently handed down from master to apprentice. In addition, my decades of experience as a Certified Prosthetist (artificial limb maker) add a dimension in orthopedic fit that no one else has to offer.

custom hiking boots

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