How to Order

Casting of your feet for the ultimate fit! Contact to discuss your needs.

How do I order a pair of Leahy Custom Hiking Boots?

I have been successfully making shoes and boots by mail order for years. The way to get started is to Order a Fit Kit. The kit includes special impression paper, a measuring tape in centimeters, measuring instructions, and most importantly, impression foam to measure both feet. The impression foam (or “crush box”) is special foam in a box which takes a precise 3D cast of the entire bottom of your foot. This reverse impression of your foot is used to make up the lasts (foot forms to make the boots over) and molds for your custom orthotic arch supports. This is more information than other bootmakers ask for, but it is necessary to give you the best possible fit. There is a $50 fee for the fit kit (the impression foam and imprint paper are expensive). There is no extra charge for differently sized feet (such as one foot size 7 and the other foot size 9).

How much do the boots cost?

The all inclusive price of a pair of boots is $2475 which includes the boots, fit kit, orthotic arch supports, developing the lasts and mock-up boots to try on. Casting in person or using the fit kit is the same price. Although this may seem higher than some other makers, keep in mind that I include orthotics and an intermediate fitting, services that other makers charge extra for or don’t offer at all. Additional pairs of boots are $500 less, because the last development and fitting costs have already been covered in the first pair. Lasts are the forms that your boots are built around. There is a one-time fee of $500 (included in the $2475 cost of your initial boots) to develop the lasts. Included in this fee is a fitting with fitting boots and your actual orthotic arch supports. This critical extra step is essential to ensure your boots fit well! Your boots include custom orthotic arch supports. I recommend my orthotics (they fit the boots better), but you can use your own. You can remove the orthotics that come with the boots and put in your own. I can supply spacers if your orthotics are especially thin. Shipping is free in the United States. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover credit cards, and checks in US funds are accepted. 5% discount for cash. A secure PayPal payment system has been set up on the Order a Fit Kit page.


How do I get on the waiting list? When the fit kit is returned with your information you are placed in queue. I will give you a time estimate for completion of your boots when your fit kit has been received. When your fitting boots are ready to be made I will contact you for the balance and to discuss your boots. Typically this will be three months after the fit kit is returned. It may be less or more time depending on orders, but I will endeavor to meet the date I give you. Currently the delivery time is five months after the initial measurements.

Payment Schedule

A 50% deposit is due at the time of the initial casting (or when the fit kit is returned for mail order clients). The balance is due after the fitting and BEFORE the final boots are made. I appreciate your understanding concerning this policy.