No Blisters!

Got about 60 miles on the boots, so far NO blisters! That's a first for any shoe I've ever worn, now I can bang out 10+ miles a day or more.  


I did do a bunch of day hikes in the White Mountains east of Bishop, California at 10k+ altitude, with a quick trip to the summit for some stuff at 14k+. This gave me the confidence, if at a somewhat slower pace, about doing some serious long trips of two weeks or more. Bagged about five peaks, of which none of the summits were below 11,000'.   

Attached is a pic, including the boots, astride the USGS boundary marker on the summit of White Mountain Peak (14,252').  

Gotta go and get some more miles on my boots... 





Magic Boots!

Please make some walking shoes to match the boots you made me.

It is very interesting that I wore your boots every day on a trip to Africa (I brought nothing else) and my feet felt great the entire time. When I first started wearing them my knees felt a bit odd, almost as if my leg was at a different angle than normal, and I kept waiting for them to act up, but they never did. 3 weeks and no sore feet or sore hips or sore anything. And I did a lot of walking. So, now that I am home, I went walking in my regular shoes on flat sidewalks and my hips and feet started to hurt again after almost no time. Your boots did more than make my odd shaped feet more comfortable, they somehow aligned by hips and removed that pain.  

Magic!  Hence, I want some walking shoes (with Vibrams).

Thanks Kevin,


Feel Like Slippers!

A few pics of your craftsmanship. Most comfortable boots straight out of the box and feels like I’m wearing slippers! Anybody looking for the best on footwear can stop here…

Thanks again!


Performing Beyond Expectations!

Just want to circle back around and let you know the boots you made are performing beyond my expectations. Did some local hikes when I got the boots, and just got back from more hard core trails in the Eagle Cap Wilderness (Northeast Oregon). Ankle support was rock solid when going through the scree fields and the overall comfort of these boots is amazing. Wish I had done this years ago!

Thanks again!

— Mike

Grateful to be Hiking Again!

Well, it took a bit longer than I hoped, but it was worth the wait.  If you have 7E feet like me and love to hike you will have a love/hate relationship with any off-the-shelf boot.  Finally I gave up after one hike while limping out of the forest with the big and littles toes on both feet aching.  Kevin’s boots fit like a dream.  The leather is supple and hugs my feet.  My foot (and toes) feel like they are floating on a cloud while hiking.  Kevin listened to each and every small bit of feedback I gave him and really crafted a marvel.  I am grateful.