Great Boots!

Thank you, Kevin

Boots are superb looking and fit great! Hiked a mile yesterday, 4 miles today (I’ll try to control myself). The toe boxes offer wonderful room and are so comfy on the down hill hike, the arch support is right on with no aches or discomfort. The Vibram sole is the right one, I love the no-heel design, comfort and stability is primo. The heel fit is the kicker (so to speak) perfect, such a pleasure wearing the boots. I see no serious nor minor problems evolving presently, nor do I expect to. I would also like to order a pair of your shoes using the same last. Thank you so much for this great boot and your professional gift!


2 photos after 80 trail miles. Comfy and soft and flexible…good ride…great boots Kevin!!!….thanks…

I was just looking at your shoes again on your website. I have decided to go ahead and purchase them. I need another hiker for separate uses. My boots are feeling really good. The leather is quite soft and sturdy…never have felt boots like this..they are breaking in very nicely….have never had such good arch support….few more weeks we will send photos of beautiful broken-in boots…again, the leather is fantastic. Thanks again.

Best regards,


Wilderness Guide

With years of experience as a backcountry guide, boot comfort is something I do not take lightly. After hearing a friend rave about Kevin’s custom hiking boots, I decided to try a pair of his boots for myself. Still new after only three trial runs, the boots are already proving to be a wise investment.


For comparison sake, I intentionally wore one boot of my store-rack pair (Vasque brand boots with a similar design), and one boot made by Kevin for a jaunt last evening. Aside from the fact that the boot from Kevin is simply a more attractive design, the level of comfort and functionality surpassed my Vasque boot.


The first thing I noticed was the difference in roominess for my toes. My fairly wide feet have generally fit snugly in my Vasque boots, but well enough for me to not even think about it. The boot from Kevin, the exact width match for my foot, opened my eyes to new levels of boot comfort! Interestingly, I found that the extra spread for my wide feet better engaged my feet and provided better traction.


The arch support, also customized to my feet, played a part in this new level of traction as well. There is simply no comparison here between the two boots. Having an arch support that directly aligns each foot individually provides outstanding comfort – a direct engagement between foot, boot and earth – that cannot be matched with a generic fit.


Custom arches translate into enhanced gait mechanics as well. When extending my foot forward in normal gait, heel on the ground, my generic boot slightly forces my toes higher, out of normal alignment. The boot from Kevin allows my foot to extend normally in that process, closer to barefoot walking, and provides a more efficient step. This difference certainly surprised me as I’d never really thought to notice before!


Finally, when I returned home and took the boots off, and looked at them side by side, the difference in material mass caught my eye. Kevin’s construction of the boot slims down the use of materials, therefore inherently adding efficiency with less weight. My Vasques not only use more padding to compensate for a generic fit, but also more sole where I don’t need it.


All in all, I am convinced that the boots Kevin made for me are exactly what I bargained for – an experience of superb comfort and function well worth the expense. With their uncommon balance of design, true comfort and fit enhancing functional qualities, I expect to be wearing them for years to come.

—Jamie S.

A New Experience in Foot Comfort

Pictured to the right are shoes Kevin Leahy just completed for me, my second purchase. Kevin made a pair of hiking boots for me in 2005 and I have been wearing them ever since. Putting them on for the first time was a new experience in foot comfort and proper fit. The boots have easily survived extensive hiking with little wear and have definitely maintained their appeal. Seven years later, I continue to appreciate their extraordinary quality, style and comfort each time I put them on, and have never yet worn the boots without someone stopping me to inquire where they can be purchased.


The boots have not only held up through the years with stylish beauty and supportive comfort, but their anatomical design also provides an energy boost. In these boots my feet never feel tired or achy.

I can truly say that I love my boots and, should they ever wear out, would only consider replacing them with another pair of Kevin’s boots.

—Mary R.