A New Experience in Foot Comfort

Pictured to the right are shoes Kevin Leahy just completed for me, my second purchase. Kevin made a pair of hiking boots for me in 2005 and I have been wearing them ever since. Putting them on for the first time was a new experience in foot comfort and proper fit. The boots have easily survived extensive hiking with little wear and have definitely maintained their appeal. Seven years later, I continue to appreciate their extraordinary quality, style and comfort each time I put them on, and have never yet worn the boots without someone stopping me to inquire where they can be purchased.


The boots have not only held up through the years with stylish beauty and supportive comfort, but their anatomical design also provides an energy boost. In these boots my feet never feel tired or achy.

I can truly say that I love my boots and, should they ever wear out, would only consider replacing them with another pair of Kevin’s boots.

—Mary R.